TVP - Case for the reporter

March 17, 2011

A shocking story of Rafał Ciężczak, a boy born without a weapon and with a shorter leg. Together with his mother he lived in difficult housing conditions, in a wooden house without a bathroom. Rafał is a talented artist and musically full-fledged child.
Jacek Matuszewski, adviser to the board of Ensila, initiated the idea of sponsoring a boy's dignified life in the bathroom. The idea gradually turned into realization, and instead of the bathroom the boy gained a new home.

Association of Friends of the Therapy Center in Szklarska Poręba

The association aims to organize professional psychotherapeutic help for people affected by selective life or family choices, difficult for years. What is more, the Association strives to create a continuing professional development of therapists in the field of psychotherapeutic help, as well as to raise the standard infrastructure Center to be sure in the Center. Łukasz Załucki is the vice president in the association, and Miłosz Sobczak is a member.

Assistance in the construction of a conference room at the Electronic Schools Complex

December 12, 2012

Ensila is one of the sponsors who has decided to contribute to the construction of a new conference room enabling decent working conditions for the Electronic School Complex in Bolesławiec. The element thanks to which the company decided to support the school facility was a set of 10 rubber blinds with a total area of 34 m ^. We hope that they will last for many years and will allow for professional conduct of numerous meetings and conferences!

Capital support for the Sports Club "Leśnik" Osiecznica

We know that the factors influencing the player or team's victory are reflected in the business. While practicing sports, we learn teamwork, determination and striving for a goal. Many of our employees engage in various types of physical activities
therefore, we decided that Ensila will support the "Leśnik" sports club in Osiecznica. We believe that our help will improve the club's activity and will find many Polish representatives among the players.